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Child & Adolescent Physiotherapy

Solomon is an experienced physiotherapist, specialising and lecturing in sports injury and paediatric physiotherapy. He uses a range of techniques that are tailored to each child’s condition. He works in partnership with the child's family to provide support and advice. Adult patients also welcome, at the physo practice.

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Childrens Physiotherapy in London

Childrens' Physio Clinics

Based in London

Dr. Solomon Abrahams runs private physiotherapy & sports injury clinics in Harley Street and Wimpole Street, in central London. He works alongside a team of highly trained specialists in this unique field to provide patients' with quick recovery solutions in the vast majority of cases.

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London Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics

Private Medical Insurance

Registered With All Major Insurance Companies

Dr. Solomon is approved by all major health insurance companies, but he also welcomes private patients. Please contact us for an appointment, at one of the London clinics.

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Private Health Insurance Physiotherapy Patients

Treating Sports Professionals

A Reputation to Deliver Quick Results

Solomon has over 20 years experience working in clinical practice with some of the largest and most respected professional football and sports academies in the world. This includes the Premiership and England C U21’s.

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Treating Sports Professionals

A Well Respected Physiotherapist

University Lecturer and Author

Solomon lectures at several universities including the Institute of Child Health at University College London, University of Hertfordshire and London Metropolitan University. He is also the author of two sports injury books.

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Child Sports Injury Books

London Based Physiotherapist & Sports Injury Clinic

Dr. Solomon Abrahams is a leading physiotherapist specialising in treating pain and injuries, including sports injuries in Children, teens and Adolescents. Adults are also welcome at his Central London clinics, in Harley Street and Wimpole Street.

Solomon has over 20 years experience working in clinical practice with some of the best and most reputed professional football and sports academies in the world, including the Premiership. He has vast experience in sports physiotherapy and sports injuries and has treated many world class footballers and other sports professionals. He has also done work for the England C U21’s football squad.

Dr Solomon Abrahams, PhD, MSc, MCSP

Dr Solomon Abrahams, PhD, MSc, MCSP

Dr. Solomon Abrahams

Solomon is one of a few UK Physiotherapists with a PhD Doctorate and has published a number of clinical articles on Musculoskeletal and Orthopaedic Medicine in scientific journals. He has also published two clinical text books, one of which is a best seller in the US. One book is dedicated to Children & Adolescent Sports Injuries and the other book is on Adult Sport Injuries.

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Sports Injuries in Children and Adolescents

Childrens' Physio

Well accomplished in his field, Solomon lectures at numerous universities including the prestigious and world renound Institute of Child Health at University College London, University of Hertfordshire and London Metropolitan University.

His recent book, Sports Injuries in Children and Adolescents, has been well recieved and is selling well in globally, espceially the US. It is available from Amazon.

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Musculoskeletal Medicine in Primary Care

Physio Consultant

He has also taught at the Masters in Physiotherapy at the prestigious Kings College University London and Cambridge Universities. He has taught at various Doctors and GP’s in different health authorities within the London area and has a consultant role for the NHS within care commissioning groups. His text book Musculoskeletal Medicine in Primary Care: An Essential Guide for Examination, Diagnosis and Management is freuently used by students and professionals alike. It is also available at Amazon.

About Quick Recovery Physiotherapy

Solomon runs private physiotherapy and sports injury clinic’s in Harley Street and Wimpole Street, in central London. All patients are welcome, however, Solomon specialises in the treatment of pain and conditions in children, teens and adolescents and in particular physiotherapy and treatment of sports injuries in football players and professional atletes. He works alongside a team if highly trained specialists in this unique field to provide every patient with a comprehensive treatment plan aimed at quick recovery. Most of Solomon’s cases include complex knee pain, such as Osgoods Schlatters, Patella Mis-alignment, instability, muscle inbalance, tendonitis, menisci and cartilage probkems as well as ligament problems; back pain and injuries, such as bone pain, bone fractures and slippages, slipped or bulging discs, ligament, postural imbalances, abnormal curvatures including scoliosis, muscular and ligamentous pains; ankle and foot pain, including Achilles pains, stress fractures, recoverying fractures, growing pains in legs, heel pains, plantar fasciitis, forefoot pain and ankle pain from tendonitis and ligament damage following sprains, hip and groin problems, including groin strains.

Physiotherapy for Child & Adolescent Conditions & Sports Injuries

Here at the clinic, we treat a vast range of conditions, illnesses, sports injuries or post-operation rehabilitation in children and teens. These are some of the more common conditions that we treat. But don't worry if your condition is not listed below, please get in touch for a consultation.

Physiotherapy for knee pain in children

Physiotherapy for Knee Pain in Children

Knee pain in children is very common, especially knee pain at the front part, the knee cap or patella area. This could be a form of growing pain, but could also be several other problems. These include mal-tracking patella, hypermobility of the patella, instability of the patella, chondromalacia patella, ITB friction syndrome, patella tendonitis and Os Goolds schlatters. An examination and a scan normally can confirm diagnosis. Once this is done, physiotherapy to manage the condition normally rectifies these problems.
sports injury groin pain treatment

Physiotherapy for Groin Pain in Children

Groin pain in children is not so common, but several problems can exist here, depending on the sport or activity that brought on the pain. This includes a traction apophysitis (where the muscle tears from a bone) at four common sites around the front and side of the pelvis. Problems can also occur within the hip joint itself, perthes and slipped capital epiphyses being the more common and both requiring urgent attention. Stress fractures and bone fractures can also occur in the area, especially after trauma. Muscular injuries can also occur in this region, but should the pain persist for more than 6 weeks, it is best to come in and get it checked.
Teenage Back Pain Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for Back Pain in Children

Back pain in children is becoming an increasingly common problem. Postural pain is by far the commonest condition, but we frequently see other issues: Scheurmanns syndrome, where the bones in the spine become a lot weaker and essentially can buckle; Scoliosis and other abnormal curvatures of the spine can occur, as well as biomechanical (or uneven legs) affecting the back. Muscle and ligament damage is also common, but if pain persists please seek an appointment. Other problems are spondylolysis (which is a break in one of the bones of the back) and Spondylolythesis (which is a slippage of one of the bones) are more common in the back. Some studies have shown that some doctors diagnose backs as simple muscle strains, but later scans reveal bone fractures, breaks and slippages. Back pain in children should never be underestimated, especially in physically active children.
Sports injury ankle pain

Sports Injuries and Pain in The Ankle

Whilst ankle pain in children is quite rare, the most common problem is Severs Syndrome. This is where the achilles tendon tears away from the back of the heel bone. Ankle ligament injuries can also occur, as can small breaks at the ankle. Fractures of the metatarsals, navicular bone, talus bone and fibula bone are all common and vulnerable regions in children. A simple scan from us can confirm the cause of the ankle pain, allowing us to propose a physiotherapy treatment plan, to aid quick recovery.
Physiotherapy hypermobile children

Treating Hypermobile Children

The term hypermobile is given to a part of the body, specifically a joint which is very flexible. So flexible in fact that they are often refered to as “double-jointed”. Most children think this must be cool, but sadly this predisposes them to injuries and discomfort. Common areas of the body in a hypermobile child include the lower back, knee and pelvis region. If your child is hypermobile we can prescribe a physiotherapy treatment plan to help develop and strengthen surrounding muscles, to minimise the risk of injury to the affected joint.
Physiotherapy Growing Pains Growth Spurts

Physiotherapy for Growing Pains

There has been relatively little clinicall studies into growing pains in children. However, the incidence of growing pains is between 5 and 42% of all children and most frequently occurs between the ages of 3-5 and 8–12 years, being more common in girls than boys.
Pains tend to be deep-seated, cramping sensations which can affect children day or night, sometimes even waking the child. The pains are normally intermittent, affecting legs more than arms. They can last for upto 3 months and can be intermittent during this period. They are normally related to growth spurts, and therefore maybe accompanied with increasing appetite, lethargy, modified sleep patterns, dreams at nighttime and changes in mood. Differential diagnosis will eliminate infection, malignancy, arthritis, and hypermobility syndrome.
  • Knee Pain Treatment

    Physiotherapy for Knee Pain

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  • Physio for groin pain in children

    Physiotherapy for Groin Pain


  • physiotherapy for back problems in children

    Physiotherapy for Back Pain


  • adolescent sports injuries

    Physiotherapy for Ankle Pain


  • Hypermobility pain in children

    Is Your Child Hypermobile?


  • project 6

    Growing Pains in Children


Physiotherapy Treatments & Techniques

I employ a series of different paedeatric physiotherapy techniques, that are tailored individually for your child's condition. I will explain and agree the approach in full, with you. I like to work in a collaborate approach, ensuring that the child's parents and family receive the support and advice they need to be proactive in the child's physiotherapy or sports injury treatment. Common physiotherapy techniques I use include:

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  • Manipulation of joints or bones
  • Physiotherapy massage
  • Mobilisation of joints
  • Soft tissue manipulation
  • Acupuncture
  • Ultrasound (diagnostic and therapeutic)
  • Electrotherapy and TENS

We use over 30 physiotherapy techniques. Sometimes, we combine more than 5 techniques in one physio session in order to promote healing and a faster recovery.

Payment for Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Treatments

I am approved by all major health insurance companies, including BUPA, AXA PPP, Simply Health, Nuffield, AVIVA, Cigna and most other health insurance companies too. Please call 0208 907 7666 to check, if your company is not listed here. Health Insurance policies for physio and sports injury treatment can differ with respect to the fees they will cover and amount of excess that the patient needs to pay. Patients should contact their insurance company to find out how to claim on their scheme.

For private customers I accept cash and cheques. (Discounts may apply if you pay on the day). My prices are extremely competative, starting at just £55 per session. So please contact me to discuss your case and an initial consultation.


What My Clients Say?

These are testimonials from some of my professional sports patients.

"I was treated by Dr Sol during my Academy days at Arsenal football club. He was superb and a great physiotherapist."

client 1 Henry Lansbury Nottingham Forest FC

"Sol is good at what he does, he gave me confidence following a nightmare injury which took me a while to recover."

client 3 James Shea AFC Wimbledon FC

"Solomon is a good therapist. He is a good therapist that always got me fit I my academy days. "

client 3 Luke Ayling Bristol City FC

"Solomon is a good physiotherapist and managed to help me with my back pain very quickly. He used acupuncture on me and keeps me going."

client 1 David Beckham Ex-England & Ex-Manchester United FC

"Sol is a great Physiotherapist helping me with my groin injury numerous times when I was based in the UK playing professional football."

client 2 Rohan Rickets Hong Kong Premiership

"Dr Abrahams saw me really quickly for a back pain I had. He organised a scan and was quickly on the mend thanks to his superb team. Without him, I would still be on the injury list! "

client 2 Karl Bartley Swansea FC

Solomon has over 20 years experience working in clinical practice with some of the leading and most reputed professional football and sports academies in the world. This includes currently working for a Barclays Premiership Club (Academy) and also being involved with England Football Team C U21’s.

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